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This project was created with the community in Kimberley in 2005, read the project report here.
The quote from Christa Wolf is being painted onto a corner building at a busy cross-roads. The text was also given out to passers-by and some stopped to join in.

As part of my exhibition at the WHAG, recordings were made about the history of Malay camp, the ground on which the Civic Centre now stands. Andries Mochele, Louis Mallett and Frank Crossley.

The Real Pointers created a dance-performance on the project theme and drew and interested public to the office of George Sobukwe in Galaschewe as one of the events on “History Day”.

The installation of the Malay Camp map on the centre of the site, with many former residents there to discuss it with younger people.


“Grow up and go to school!” was George Sobukwe's injunction to African youth. This hand-painted sign was installed on his former office wall and flanked by the Christa Wolf quote in the late afternoon of History Day.
See also the team Denktafeln.


Signs with the !Kung words for “wind” and “water” were installed on signs which move in the wind on the Wildebeestkuil San engraving site. “When we die the wind carries our footprints away.”