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Garden Installation: On-going since 2006

Both plants, and texts grow here. The piece of land is part of the Senat and BBK Atelier 82, and faces Schneller Strasse. The principle is to allow that to grow which grows naturally on this part dry and part wet field, with very poor earth. The figure started off as part of the “Melde Ungehörsam” project and became for me a combined memorial to my father, my father-in-law, Don Quixote and other heroes. One year he had a green grass coat, this year the herbal plants are growing up around him. At the time of the G8 in Heiligendamm, I installed five old wooden chairs in a semi-circle before him, the G5 for the five continents to have a good talk about environmental issues. That year I documented the seasonal developments and kept putting any debris from the garden onto them. The quotes on the fence all relate to the environment and human life. I suppose the theme of this installation is tolerance…allowing life to follow its course, the attempt not to control, to fence, to restrict.

Read my statement on a piece of this installation here (German).