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Miles and Miles of Bugger-all

Road signs Installed on roads going out of Kimberley, 2004. This one was later installed on the grounds of the William Humphries Art Gallery, with a colonial statue of Queen Victoria in the background.

Two postcards from the Heimat Series created by and for the House of World Cultures' exhibition of that name in 2000. These were also part of the show at the William Humphries Art Gallery.

“Hungry but Happy” was part of another project which started with this historic postcard, printed in Germany and distributed all over the world in the late 1800's. I sent copies to many people in Africa and Europe and asked fro their responses to this image and the text accompanying it and showed the texts at the Scheunenviertel Gallery, where the theme was food and I chose to concentrate on hunger, then integrated it in the House of World Cultures exhibition and finally created a table installation with excepts from the texts on white bread, first in the German Department of the Environment and finally in this image at the WHAG in 2004. The project is, though not closed for me and anyone wanting to send me their response to the image and text is welcome to do so.

Read the texts "When art breaks out of its elite white ghetto..." (Dr. Belows essay on a projection of mine, original German version here) and the opening speech for the exhibition at the House of World Cultures Land=hiSTORIES (original German version here),

The three images taken by Folke Richardt show the installations which were part of the show at the WHAG. The wheelbarrows with Kimberlite rocks and texts about the land, the projection in the centre and the “Hungry but Happy” table at the end of the room.

Read the opening speech by David Morris for this exhibition This Was A City.

Read the summary analysis of Liz Crossley's work Miles and Miles (English).

This Was A City relates to my earlier exhibition Looking Back - Looking Forward at the McGregor Museum in South Africa.